Country Schools

As soon as the early settler finished building a house for his family, his thoughts turned to an education for his children. The school house was one of the first public buildings to be erected in a community.

There were two one-room country school houses that provided the 3R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) education for families living on or near Stowe Lake in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
Unfortunately, there exist few photos of the schools and students in public records but the following should give you some idea of the early days of formal education in the area.

The map below shows the two school districts that served the Stowe Lake area and the location of each school in their respective districts.

The school district that encompassed most of Stowe Lake was Brandon Township District #76. The district school house was located at the intersection of County Road 16 and County Road 108 (formerly Hillard’s Way). This school was established in 1890 and operated until 1931. After closing, the students living in the District attended the Brandon Village School. The school house was sold at auction on August 5, 1932. It’s present location is unknown. It is interesting to note that country school teachers were paid $30 per month in 1890.

The school district that included the west end of the lake was in Evansville Township District #90. The school house known as the Grandokken School was located on E. Abercrombie Trail and Stowe Lake Road. The school house was built in 1898 using bricks from a local brickyard. After closing in 1937, the students attended the Evansville Village School.

The District #90 school house was moved in 1991 by the Evansville Historical Foundation to its present location in the Evansville Historical Pioneer Village. It now contains many interesting artifacts from the early days of rural education in the area and is well worth a visit.