Stowe Lake is a 366 acre basin located northwest of Brandon in Douglas County, Minnesota.  The lake has a large watershed with two major inlets.  Hoplin Creek enters the lake on the east side and delivers water from Big and Little Chippewa and Devils Lake.  Wolf Creek enters the lake on the north side and flows from Stockhausen, Stockhaven and Upper and Lower Hunt Lakes.  The outlet on the west side is the start of the Chippewa River which flows west to join the Minnesota River at Montivideo, MN. 
The Stowe Lake Association was formed in 2013 by lake residents to work together to improve the lake.  The Association was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under a charter issued by the State of Minnesota on September 19, 2013.  The activities of the Association  are governed and directed by an elected board of seven directors, each of whom is a resident on Stowe Lake.  Membership in the Association is voluntary with payment of annual dues set by the members.  

The Mission of the Association is to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of the water of Stowe Lake.  Also to maintain and improve the fishing and shoreline management of Stowe Lake.